Vegan cheese? Heck yes!

treeline-classic-hard-cheese-cracked-peppertreeline-chipotle-serrono-pepper-soft-cheeseI often find myself lost in the isles of health food stores, on treasure hunts for the new and unique products I get to uncover and feast on! One one of these grand occasions, I found myself facing the vegan cheese section at my neighborhood Whole Foods, browsing through the same old “cheeses” the non flavored, the dense, the weird…and then…I saw it…Treeline!!! My “cheese” dreams have become reality! Oh so many flavors and two different styles! The first style is a creamier smearing cheese, I choose the Chipotle flavor. The second style of cheese is a more solid cheese, I choose the cracked pepper flavor. There are different flavors of both styles, I will be heading back for the rest of their whole stock tomorrow!😄

I first tried the smooth cheese, the packaging is so nice on this product, a fancy little box. I smeared the cheese on a plain cracker…heaven! A Smokey Chipotle flavor with the slight sour taste you would get from aged cheese. I then opened the solid cheese and put a small slice of some of the other cheese, perfect combination. The solid cheese had a nice aged taste to it, with cracker pepper sprinkled on the top of it. You could say this cheese is similar to taste and texture as maybe goats cheese.

You could easily shred the solid cheese and add it to anything, maybe on some pasta or a baked potato. The softer cheese would be nice in a salad or smeared onto a sandwich, sooo many possibilities with these cheeses! I am in love and have found my new go to snack for LIFE!

If there is not a Whole Foods near You, you can go to their website, there is a list of stores they are in.

Find them….

You need this in your life…

Vegan or not! (My husband is not Vegan and he will devour a box of crackers with this cheese!)

Treeline is totally non-dairy, non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, and artisan made in Hudson Valley, New York

Live and love deeply and healthily!!! ❤



Ok it was a long day at our local fair today with three hot, loud, amazing kids–so now I am in my bed with my youngest at my side.😊
Late last night I started searching for a movie about cooking and I came across a movie called How to Cook Your Life I thought what the heck I will give it a shot. The movie ended up being about the chef at a Buddhist temple who is quite hilarious. With a little bit of foul language and a little bit of high anxiety he gives a lot of character to the movie and at times it is hard to believe that he is a very wise Buddhist. The movie mainly is about showing people how to make bread intertwined through the needing of bread and the ingredients he ads many stories that his teacher had taught him through the years–many of them are just hilarious and have very simple meanings but they all are relevant not only in my life but I’m sure for others as well.  There were a couple odd parts in the movie I didn’t agree with like in their garden at the temple, they use a compost they its derived from large chicken slaughter houses– totally not needed– even the producer calls them out on it.  Watch the movie and pick from it what you will, I guarantee you will get something from it and feel a little centered about how you choose to eat!
Love and live deeply and healthy! ❤



Hello person out there reading this! I’m not much of a writer, I often prefer the other side of my brain for daily use. What the Heck though– who’s gonna read this anyhow 😉 Well, to get started I might as well include why I am writing this here blog. I recently cut back on social media realizing that I wanted to share with people more about my daily experiences with food that I make or try, my new art projects, crafts, restaurants…so on and so on. So here it Its. My own little bit of blog cloud space! Happy reading fellow creative minds!